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Torah Classes

Torah Classes


At Chabad, we see education as the most effective way to enhance the prospects of the future, both of the individual and for the community.

Whether you are a beginner to Jewish learning or already have extensive knowledge, we will be happy to help you advance at your own pace. See if you are interested in any of the classes already on offer, or we would be happy to arrange one-to-one sessions on the topic of your choice. Don’t be shy, together we can all grow and learn...

Monday 9 AM
Why is life such a struggle? Why is my inner self so full of contradictions? What is our purpose in life? Is G-d knowable?
Beginning Wednesday 8th of November 2017
Debate is not only encouraged within Judaism but resides at the very heart of our history and theology. Great Debates in Jewish History explores six fundamental conflicts that pitted the greatest Jewish minds against each other—six instances of divergent perspectives, including several that are still debated today.
Tuesday 11 AM
Join Rabbi Yossie's popular Gemara Shiur.
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Monday 7:30 PM
Spirited Jewish learning through analysis of the original text and round table discussion. All in the comfort of the Water Garden Hotel.
Study Torah in your office, home, or at the coffee shop!
Study Torah daily with our Daily Study portal. Lessons include: Chumash with Rashi, Psalms/Tehillim, Tanya, Rambam and Hayom Yom.