The Kiddush on Shabbos Morning following services is a beautiful way to celebrate Simchas, birthdays, anniversaries or commemorate the memory of a loved one.

For a donation of £175 you can have the honour and privilege of sponsoring a Kiddush.

Please see the chart below to see if the date you prefer is available. Contact us to reserve a date.

June 2nd Be'halotcha Whelan Family On the occasion of Sophia's Bat Mitzvah
June 9th Shelach Mel & Keith Davis



June 16th Korach Chabad of Bournemouth In honour of the Rebbe's 24th Yartzeit
June 23rd Chukat Barry & Lorraine Berlyn In honour of Lorraine's special birthday
June 30th Balak  


July 7th Pinchas Jonathan & Joanna Gerosn

In honour of Ariella's Bat Mitzvah

July 14th Matot-Masei  


July 21st Devarim  


July 28th Vaetchanan  


August 4th Ekev  


August 11th 

Re'eh Andrew & Sally Kaye

Sally's father Yartzeit 

August 18th Shoftim Prof. Otto & Yvonne Hutter 70th wedding anniversary
August 25th Ki Tetzei Mel & Keith Davis wedding anniversary
September 1st Ki Tavo Lee Buck In honour of Emma's Bat Mitzvah