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Israel Connect is a program that connects retired individuals and seniors over Skype, with a student in Israel looking to improve their spoken language. The volunteer and student talk, over Skype, once a week, for 20 minutes. This short talk provides an English immersion experience for the student, and a chance to practice using the English language in a way that is both fun and engaging. The student and volunteer pair use a curriculum with Jewish content to help facilitate the lesson and begin discussion.

Israel Connect has a three-tiered goal that is achieved through connecting the more experienced adults to the younger generation.

  • Israel Connect assists the youth in personal mentorship and academic growth.
  • Israel Connect enhances the lives of local residents, by connecting them to someone for a weekly visit that brings warmth and a sense of caring.
  • Israel Connect connects all parties involved to our deep Jewish heritage through learning, bringing smiles, laughter and joy to all those involved.

Chabad of Bournemouth is proud to partner with Israel Connect. To volunteer click here .

    Studies have shown that language immersion is the best way to learn a new language. Although English immersion may seem difficult to find in Israel, in the digital age these barriers fall away, allowing for students to experience true immersion.

    Each Israel Connect volunteer is matched with one student in Israel. Due to the two hour time difference the sessions take place in the early afternoon while the students are finishing their school day. Every set of partners is given a consistent time and date on which they connect weekly, between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

    The ideal volunteer is generally a retired or semi-retired individual, with 15 minutes to spare in the afternoon. Israel Connect provides exhaustive technical support and training in the use of the simple video chat software for those in need. Anyone with a good spoken English and Internet access can share a passion for learning. We will ensure all technical requirements are prepared before the first meeting and facilitate all subsequent sessions, no special technical skills required.

    • IsraelConnect is easy

    • No special technical skills needed

    • No teaching experience required

    • 15 minute weekly morning sessions

    • Can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection

    • Curriculum supplied in advance

    • Substitute mentor available if necessary, due to travel or other commitments

    In addition to the growing group of committed volunteers of all ages, Israel Connect also reaches out to senior centers and nursing homes, allowing seniors this wonderful interaction. Through technical training, Israel Connect allows even those who are less mobile to connect weekly with a student, enhancing their life with a fun visit. It has been proven time and time again that consistent human interactions can greatly impact the quality of life of the aged, and those who interact with seniors are in the position to accomplish a tremendous amount. While at the same time as giving the seniors good company, the students are encouraged to speak and improve their English skills. A real win-win situation!