The Kiddush on Shabbos Morning following services is a beautiful way to celebrate Simchas, birthdays, anniversaries or commemorate the memory of a loved one.

For a donation of £175 you can have the honour and privilege of sponsoring a Kiddush.

Please see the chart below to see if the date you prefer is available. Contact us to reserve a date.

4 January  Vayigash Andrew & Sally Kaye

In loving memory of Andrew's mother and brother and  for Sally's birthday

11 January Vayechi Bentzion & Chanchi Alperowitz 

To celebrate Chaya's 5th birthday

18 January Shemot Jonathan Kay To celebrate his 80th birthday
25 January Va'era  


1 February Bo Larry & Mandy Kaye  In loving memory of Mandy's father
8 February Bshalach Meir Cohen In loving memory of his father
15 February  Yisro   



22 February Mishpatim Merle Greenblatt and Sue Shackman In loving memory of Louis Greenblatt and of Sue's late husband
29 February Terumah  Friends of Henry Schachter

In honour of his OBE

7 March Tetzaveh  


14 March Ki Tisa  


21 March Vayakhel-Pikudei Keith & Mel Davis on the occasion of Mel's birthday
28 March Vayikra  


4 April Tzav - Shabbat Hagadol Andrew & Sally Kaye on their wedding anniversary
18 April Shmini  


25 April Tazria-Metzorah