Every Monday 7:30 PM at the Water Garden Hotel. Men and Women welcome

Do you ever wonder what is the Jewish perspective on;  eating, the evil eye, human psychology, Israel, dreams, freedom of choice or the purpose of life? These are just a small taste of the topics covered!

You've celebrated Jewish holidays, but have you ever wanted to know the deeper meaning behind the many traditions and customs that we keep?

Try one of our classes and you will be engaged intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Every Monday evening, 7:30 PM at the Water Garden Hotel. 

These classes are free of charge and are open to men and women, regardless of affiliation or level of knowledge.


MONDAY, 6 January 2020

You Can Bring Mashiach. Yes, You. 
The Endgame Is in Our Hands, Now Let’s Get Cracking

It’s a curious thing: Throughout the history of our people, rabbis have been predicting “end dates” for Mashiach’s arrival. What’s the point of that? Were they false prophets offering up empty promises? The answer is as refreshing as it is empowering.


MONDAY, 13 January 2020

Is the Gift of Gab Overrated? 
A Look at the Way Society Values Style over Substance 

Moses couldn’t speak properly. This class uses his extraordinary leadership to explore the importance of speech, both literally and metaphysically. Why was the great leader of the Jews so flawed? Why didn’t G‑d care? And what lessons does this provide for us today


MONDAY, 20 January 2020

There's No Such Thing as Neutral
You Cannot Be a Bystander to Your Own Life

Oftentimes, “whatever” best sums up what you feel about your job, friends, or hobbies. But here’s the thing: There really is no such thing as “whatever” in life, for life is synonymous with passion and energy. And you must choose where to invest it before it chooses you.

MONDAY, 27 January 2020

It's Never Too Dark to See Someone Else

When our lives are filled with unity and hope, the light shines brightly. But when we are alone and there is little hope, just darkness remains. Just how bad is darkness, and what can we do to avoid it?