Topics for January - February 2019 

Do you ever wonder what is the Jewish perspective on;  eating, the evil eye, human psychology, freedom of choice and the purpose of life? These are just a small taste of the topics covered!

You've celebrated Jewish holidays, but have you ever wanted to know the deeper meaning behind the many traditions and customs that we keep?

Try one of our classes and you will be engaged intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Every Monday evening, 7:30 PM at the Water Garden Hotel. See below the topics for January and February 2019.

These classes are free of charge and are open to men and women, regardless of affiliation or level of knowledge.

Monday, January 7 2019

Breaking Norms

Challenging Yourself to Touch Another

The Four Questions feature prominently in the collective Jewish imagination. While these questions have been chanted for millennia, fewer know that embedded within the structure of the Passover seder is a clarion call for every Jew to put on a hat they may have never imagined donning. Answer the call!

Monday, January 14 2019

Wet Behind the Ears

Balancing Enthusiasm with Maturity

At the foot of the sea with the Egyptian army thundering behind them, one Jewish tribe started . . . throwing stones at another tribe! What? As we unravel this mystery, discover how to strike the balance between the enthusiasm you seek and the maturity you wish to master.

Monday, January 21 2019

Life is Art

Human Flaws Are the Brushstrokes of Divine Beauty

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without so many flaws? Wouldn’t your days be so much more meaningful if you didn’t constantly struggle with doubt, insecurity, and hidden demons? Frankly, the answer is, “No!” The secret lies in a story about an idolatrous priest who embraces the Jewish message and ends up with an eponymous portion in the Torah bearing his name.

Monday, January 28 2019

Making Tough Choices

Grabbing On to the Reins of Life

Ever landed in a tough spot with difficult choices? Was there a pitiful situation that set you up for some pretty bad choices? A little-known law about a slave getting his ear pierced at the door of his master encourages us all to face the music and make the best choice we can.

Monday, February 4 2019

The Aroma of Acrimony

Why You Should Never Give Up
In loving memory of Yudit bat Gershon, by her daughter Rosalind Schogger

Nobody’s perfect. Our personal Judaism, as with all the things in life, can get a little tough. Does that mean we’re failing? Why should we continue to struggle if the calm never comes? This class, on the Temple altars, sheds light on the glory of the grind.

Monday, February 11 2019

Clothes Make the Person

Behavioral Mastery Is the Name of the Game

From the moment Adam and Eve used leaves to cover their naked flesh, humans have forever been clothed. What does Judaism have to say about your suit and your prom dress? Discover the rules and regulations, the culture and the kabbalah of the clothing in your closet.

Monday, February 18 2019

Forget Me Not!

Connection Is the Key to Memory

Now that we all have smartphones in our pockets, it seems ridiculous to tie a string around your finger to remember something. But that’s how things were done for millennia. What’s the connection between a knot and memory? Well, the connection is—believe it or not—connection.

Monday, February 25 2019

Flip the Script

Writing the Narrative of Your Own Life

We live life one day at a time, every day another chapter. As the days pile up, they string together a narrative, a story that you tell yourself and relate to others. So what’s your story? Is it a series of frustrations and mishaps, or a wonderful tale of success and meaning?

These classes have kindly been sponsored by Julian & Bilha Weider
in loving memory of Julian’s parents

ר' אפרים בן ר' יהודה יעקב ומרת מינדל בת ר' ישראל הכהן ע"ה
and in loving memory of Bilha’s father ר' שמואל בן ר' אפרים ע"ה ,
and her sister
אסתר נחמה בת שמואל ע"ה