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The Kabbalah of Prayer

If G‑d determines what we should have, is it not heretical to ask for something else? And why should G‑d pay attention to our appeals for alterations to the divine plan? Do we even have the power to influence that plan? 


  LESSON 3  
A Ladder to Heaven: The Structure and Function of the Prayer Book

The prayer book should be an emotional map for soaring heavenward. Instead, many see it as a confusing jumble of verses. Explore the history, function, structure, and goals of the prayer book. Discover a step-by-step guide to experience genuine bonding with G‑d and a fresh appreciation of the world.


  LESSON 4  
The Shema: Reaching beyond Creation

Climb beyond G‑d-the-Creator to explore deeper aspects of G‑d and our relationship with Him. In the Shema, we ponder the concept of a G‑d who utterly transcends the universe while paradoxically remaining intimately involved and accessible.


The Amidah: Synthesizing Divinity and Materiality

Are spirituality and materialism a contradiction? Why does the Amidah read like a list of materialistic needs—money, health, success, and the like? This lesson compels us to reconsider everything we think we know about spirituality, our needs, and our purpose on earth. 


  LESSON 6  
The Power of the Community

If prayer is a private and personal journey, what's the point of communal prayer? This lesson identifies critical elements that make group prayer indispensable to achieving our ultimate prayer goals.

£45.00 for full course | £35.00 Chabad members | Price includes valuable textbook. Single sessions £10.00 per session.

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