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This course will take place at Chabad, 20 Lansdowne Road
Three Wednesdays, July 4th, 11th and 18th at 7:30 PM

£20 including textbook
All are welcome

Please register in advance
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Detailed course outline: 

Lesson One, The Temple Mount, examines why Yerushalayim and its Holy Temple are so significant to our people and to the whole world. Why are we so attached to this city and to the Western Wall? We begin our search for answers, taking an overview of the Temple’s history — its place in time. We then look at its physical location, examining the topography of the Temple Mount and its surroundings. Finally, we look at the outer structure and precincts of the historical Temple itself, viewing its retaining walls, the outer parts of the Temple Mount, and the Royal Basilica.

Lesson Two, The Temple Compound, acquaints us with the different structures found on top of Har HaMoriah, the holy Temple Mount. We look at classic rabbinic texts as well as modern archeological findings, to help us develop our picture. In visualizing the structures and their layout, we will also be taking care to understand the ascending levels of holiness that each structure represents, as we proceed towards the Temple’s heart: the dividing wall—the soreg, and the Women’s Courtyard and its functions, lighting, balcony and chambers. The lesson continues with the miraculous story of the Nikanor Gate, and concludes with some of the details of the Temple Courtyard chambers.

Lesson Three, The Holy and the Holy of Holies, takes us on a tour of the holiest parts of the Temple: the Heichal, the Kodesh, and the Kodesh HaKodashim. We take care to examine not only the structure of these places, and the accounts of the miracles which took place there, but also the meaning of those holy places in our lives. This lesson culminates in the Holy of Holies, as we see the Keruvim embracing, and learn of G‑d’s love for His people even when we are exiled and the Temple is not yet rebuilt.


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