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As we did this past week, we will be holding our regular weekly shiurim online using Zoom. All are encouraged to join. 

The Tanya Shiur Monday 9:00am, Torah Studies Shiur Monday 7:30pm, the Gemara Shiur Tuesday 11:00am, and the JLI Course Wednesday 7:30pm.

In addition, on Sunday at 7:30pm we will have a pre-pesach shiur exploring some insights into the Hagada as well as some of the practical observances of Pesach.

Men are also invited to sign onto zoom on Monday and Thursday morning at 8:00am with your Talit and Tefilin and we will Daven and study something short together. Although this is not considered a minyan and Kaddish cannot be said virtually, it helps us feel together and is a good way to start the day. You will certainly feel uplifted by joining.

To join any of the above:

1. Click on the following link:

If you have used Zoom in the past, clicking this link at the above mentioned times will be all you need to do. You may be asked to allow the programme to access your video camera and audio. Click yes. You may also get a popup message asking if you would like to open zoom. Click yes.

2. If you haven't used the zoom programme before, clicking the above link should prompt the download of the programme. Click "allow" or "run program" if asked to do so. If using a smartphone or IPad, it will direct you to the app store to download the free app. After the programme downloads, you may be asked to enter the meeting ID. It is 954 217 0395

On some devices, you may have to go to, click the button that says "join a meeting" and then enter the meeting ID: 954 217 0395.

If you are having trouble logging in please call Rabbi Bentzion on 07494 567177.



18 March - Update

Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you and yours well.

Due to the unfortunate increase of cases of Coronavirus in the UK, and following the latest professional and Halachic guidance please note:

All services, both weekday and Shabbat, Shiurim, JLI, Hebrew School, Mothers & Toddlers, CTeens, Ladies Torah & Tea, Cafe Chabad, will not be held at Chabad or at the Water Garden Hotel, until further notice. If you have personal belongings, Talit or Tefilin at Chabad please arrange with us to come in and pick them up.

Chabadeli will continue to function, however, only under the following conditions:

1) Kindly place your orders via email at: a day before your collection. We will prepare your order for you.

2) When you arrive, please ring the bell.

3) Your order will be brought to the door.

We ask you to please cooperate with these rules so that we can continue to provide this service for the community. For all questions related to the deli please call Chanie on 07790019211.

In the comfort of your own home, you can join the Gemara Shiur, the JLI Course, and the Torah Studies series all given at their regular time live, by downloading an app called zoom for free. Links to join each shiur will be sent out prior to those shiurim. We are opening the remaining three lessons of the current JLI course to anyone who wants to join FREE OF CHARGE. 

We will also be offering additional online shiurim and opportunities to be announced in the coming days. For further details please contact Rabbi Bentzion on 07494 567177. 

In the meantime please visit our coronavirus webpage which is constantly updated and has many useful articles and links, full of relevant info and inspiration.

With regard to Pesach, unfortunately, our public Sedarim will not be held as planned. We will refund all those who have booked. We are currently working on a solution to provide every member of the Jewish community the means to be able to conduct your own Seder at home. More info on this will be made available in the coming days. In the mean time please visit our Pesach website packed with all pesach info:

We urge each and everyone to follow the government guidelines and avoid going out as much as possible. This is how we will protect ourselves and those around us in this difficult time. At the same time, there are so many Mitzvot that can and should be done from home, Tefilin, Prayer Tzedaka, Mezuza, Kashrut and Shabbat observance to name a few, which bring us both physical and spiritual protection.

As mentioned in the previous email we have set up a volunteer group so if anyone cannot get out and needs help with essential needs please contact us. Our doors may have to close but our hearts are wide open.

May G‑d remove this disease, and may we all be blessed with good health.


Rabbi Yossie



15 March - Update

Dear friends,

When life seems to be chaotic, not knowing what changes will be tomorrow, we must remember—we are in this together!

Social distancing and Chabad are mutually exclusive terms. Bringing Jews together is the blood that runs through our veins. However, precisely because we love you, your physical well being is paramount. With talk of over 70's and those with comprised immune systems having to self isolate to lower their risks, we understand that this can be difficult for many in the Bournemouth Jewish community. We are here to help!

If anyone is in self-isolation and in need of grocery shopping or other essential errands taken care of, please reach out! We, and other volunteers, are here for you. 

On that note, if anyone is able to join our volunteer group, please reply to this email or call 07494 567177. This will include shopping and drop off at homes in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. 

We must follow all the government and health guidelines, but at the same time we should not panic, rather let us strengthen our faith and trust in Hashem, and be here to offer support to each other.
Every hand that we don't shake, must become a phone call that we place.

Every embrace that we avoid, must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern.

Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another, must become a thought as to how we might be of help to that other, should the need arise.

The following link can serve as your Jewish resource regarding coronavirus:
There you will find timely inspiration, guides on how to pray at home, Kaddish service for the quarantined, and information on what you can do to help the current situation.

Physically distant, spiritually together!

Rabbi Yossie & Chanie
Rabbi Bentzion & Chanchi