The Kiddush on Shabbos Morning following services is a beautiful way to celebrate Simchas, birthdays, anniversaries or commemorate the memory of a loved one.

For a donation of £175 you can have the honour and privilege of sponsoring a Kiddush.

Please see the chart below to see if the date you prefer is available. Contact us on 01202 555367 to reserve a date.

14 May Emor Roger & Lise Rossano

To celebrate Lise's birthday

21 May Behar Keith & Mel Davis

On the Yartzeit of Mel's mother Irene Mindel a"h

28 May Bechukotai Rabbi Yossie & Chanie

On their fathers Yartzeits

4 June Bamidbar Ajal & Su Bloomberg

On the Yartzeit of Su's mother

5 June 1st Day Shavuot Jonathan & Joanna Gerson


6 June 2nd Day Shavuot Geoffrey & Ruth Greenberg

To celebrate the upcoming Wedding of Anna to Steeve Allali

11 June Naso   


18 June Beha'alotcha Larry & Mandy Kaye

On the Yartzeit of Larry's mother Helen Kaye a"h

25 June Shelach Clifford & Gina Lux

To celebrate Clifford's 70th birthday

2 July Korach  


9 July Chukat  


16 July Balak  


23 July Pinchas  


30 July Matot-Masei Mark & Sara Rubin

To celebrate Jesse and Gaby's Bat mitzvah

6 August Devarim Larry & Mandy Kaye

On the Yartzeit of Larry's father Maurice Kaye a"h

13 August Vaetchanan  


20 August Ekev  


27 August Re'eh Larry & Mandy Kaye

On the Yartzeit of Mandy's mother Betty Kasmir a"h

3 September Shoftim Keith & Mel Davis

On the Yartzeit of Mel's father Joseph Mindel a"h

10 September Ki Teitzei  


17 September Ki Tavo  


24 September Nitzavim  


1 October Vayelech Tony & Coreen Rose

To celebrate Tony's birthday

8 October Haazinu  


10 October 1st day Sukkot  


11 October 2nd day Sukkot  


15 October  Shabbat Chol Hamoed  


18 October Simchat Torah  


22 October Breishit  


29 October Noach Loraine Berlyn

In loving memory of her parents Jack & Paula Bright a"h

5 November Lech Lecha  


12 November Vayera  


19 November Chayei Sara  


26 November Toldot Woodman Family

Samuel's Bar Mitzvah

3 December Vayeitzei  


10 December Vayishlach