The Kiddush on Shabbos Morning following services is a beautiful way to celebrate Simchas, birthdays, anniversaries or commemorate the memory of a loved one.

For a donation of £175 you can have the honour and privilege of sponsoring a Kiddush.

Please see the chart below to see if the date you prefer is available. Contact us to reserve a date.

4 September Nitzavim Keith & Mel Davis
Michael & Linda Goodman

To celebrate Draisy's Bat

11 September Vayelech Tony & Coreen Rose

To celebrate Tony's birthday

18 September


Roger & Lise Rossano On the Yartzeit of Roger's mother Judith Papouchado a"h
21 September 1st day Sukkot Jonathan & Joanna Gerson


22 September 2nd day Sukkot  


25 September Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot Rabbi Yossie & Chanie


2 October Breishit  


9 October Noach  


16 October

Lech Lecha

Roger & Lise Rossano On the Yartzeit of Lise's mother Zena Mazin a"h
23 October Vayera Alan Hyman

On the Yartzeit of his father Israel Hyman

30 October Chayei Sarah  


6 November Toldot  


13 November Vayeitzei  


20 November Vayishlach Larry & Mandy Kaye

To celebrate their golden wedding anniversary

27 November Vayeishev  


4 December Mikeitz  


11 December Vayigash  


18 December Vayechi  


25 December Shmot  


1 January Va'era  


8 January Bo Larry & Mandy Kaye

On the Yartzeit of Mandy's father John Kasmir a"h

15 January Beshalach Alan Hyman

On the Yartzeit of his mother Zelda Hyman

22 January Yitro