The Kiddush on Shabbos Morning following services is a beautiful way to celebrate Simchas, birthdays, anniversaries or commemorate the memory of a loved one.

The cost to sponsor a kiddush is £195.00.

Please see the chart below to see if the date you prefer is available. Contact us on 01202 555367 to reserve a date.

21 January


Family Druker On the upcoming Yartzeit of Arthur Druker a"h
28 January


Jonathan Kay

To celebrate his Second Bar Mitzvah

4 February


Paul & Gila Rose To celebrate the engagement of their daughter Miriam to Allen Levi
11 February Yitro Rabbi Yossie & Chanie

To Celebrate Rabbi Yossie's birthday

18 February Mishpatim - Shekalim  


25 February Teruma  


4 March Tetzaveh - Zachor  


11 March Ki Tisa - Parah  


18 March Vayakhel-Pikudei - Hachodesh Keith & Mel Davis

To celebrate Mel's 70th birthday

25 March Vayikra  


1 April Tzav - Shabbat Hagadol