Chabad of Bournemouth was first established in 1988 by Lubavitch UK at a premises in Gordon Road, Boscombe, catering to the spiritual needs of Jews in Bournemouth and the entire southwest region.

In 1989, Rabbi Yossie & Chanie Alperowitz were appointed as shulchim (emmisaries) of the Rebbe , Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of righteous memory, to serve as Directors of Chabad of Bournemouth.

Ever since their arrival, a wide range of educational and social activities for all segments of the community has been initiated and established, and their success in this field has become world renowned. With our policy of accepting all Jews regardless of affiliation and religious background, we welcome all Jews to join and partake in all of our activities, and experience Judaism, with meaning, love and joy. 

Our activities include: